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   b o d y    p o l i t i c s

--- J O H N   N O R T O N

There's a lot of unhappiness in this business
of trolling for disorganized messages
losses tend to surface the relative
self-loathing rises with the evening tide
all ships float under the full moon
sure Disney is no threat to ambiguity
but beyond that, pushing beyond
those tomorrows designed in the sixties
and still no strategy in place
for a while madrigals coveted the rose bushes
a treeful of starlings on Dolores Street
took the last available housing
there's a celebration in Germany
no borders anymore
against the state of defined objects             
arrayed by rows and columns
each slab on Tiananmen Square has an address
45 years of memories unravel tonight
warn them to read the instructions first
tell them revolutions take longer than 22 minutes

November 1989

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