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--- E D   P A V L I C

-"He saved my soul from burning; said he would, said he would-"

so how "do you do" & wonder at peels of birch bark & sap hiss in the fireplace whip pops as flames cut my cheeks reveal red sandstone beneath my skin sweat-visions a sidewinder on its back glowing smoke-grey shards land on my bare belly now close that book & read quick get the shell & put your ear down as skin sea boils tattoos? Too nasal like playing "Harmonique" on blades of grass between fingers or on comb & tissue ain't nothing to sell-out like stopping after one page of Whitman & by heart always by heart & wood burners flat give in to intent might as well go write your name in the snow sit ups are far too vague & that shallow ache could mean just about anything no past & like sweat off fake sex gone soon as you stop & leaves no scars to work with for all that phony-ass writhing might as well beg advice of fleas here your eyes close down tight as frayed slip knots & fingers read my flesh in a raw pulse of rising braille dry lips count spades in blistered scales

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