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   n o t e s    t o    h i s    w i f e    a t    t h e    f o o t    o f    a    c l i f f

--- M A T T   H A R T

Idaho, 1989. Idaho Courier - Bizarre events of recent days continue with the disappearance (thought suicide) of Thor D. Wrothdrowsy, ex-professional mountaineer, Korea Veteran. You'll remember, in recent years Mr. Wrothdrowsy thought he was a woman, and secretary to the late poet, Wordsworth.

Wordsworth walking, such a sight sore eyes should see. His visions - always visions - mark the time, and every step goes somewhere: always forward, never home.

-to the house, climb the hill, off the strip marked by roadkill

If you're desperate for some blanker verse don't come here. Oh, this walking is such hard work! heavy breathing's just the basics. You'll see, once you're here.

-have to get in touch, the job sucks - write nothing not his

Question. When is a walking not a walk? When is a wanking not thinking? - a view from the summit, panoramic - everything but a mountain.

-at the phonebox wait for an emphatic tone. Leave this message:

Be a step behind at each stile; on the shore at each lock. See your hand read as his print. Be penultimate at every occasion but your own departure.

-gone by sunrise, only way to miss breakfast. No fun on a full stomach.

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