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   r o c k f a l l s    a n d    s n o w s t o r m s    i n    t h e    t h i n    a i r    a b o v e    2 0 ,0 0 0    f e e t

--- R A Y   D I P A L M A

Moonlight blue paint bad weather melting notes
All that affection moving into the shade
Mystically in touch with something that never was
Something to conspire over in additon to one's normal occupation
The music is good but the music is wrong
It follows the road over the bridge, past trees and shrubs, and finds
Two earthenware pots at the water's edge
How many minutes in the hour that has passed
How many minutes in the hour to come
Coral and bronze large planes of light
Long feathers against the cold marble
Accidental sentimentality supplanted by
Weeping and making a way apart from all simultaneous systems
Flesh vanishes with the first recollections like perfume

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