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--- R O N A L D   D O N N

          Every time you get to thinking
          you're going to put it down, give up the drink,
          an angel loses its will to live.

But every time you take a penny out of this here wishing well, Jim, the cops will come and steal your car. Isn't this funny. A whole world that is stocked with well-heeled miracles: A pregnant woman stares too long at a light bulb and gives birth to a light bulb. Or then listen up: an old woman with a true story in her ever-thickening heart steps on a needle. The needle works its way to her heart, see, to stick there. There it casts a heavy Simian shadow, the needle's dark forebrow splits her in two. O Jim, here it is then. And what could it ever be: a true angel. A brilliance. Her darker story, or just this needle in the heart?

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