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   a    b r i e f    h i s t o r y    o f    c a i r n    m a k e r s

--- R O B E R T   M I L T N E R

Each consequence is written in water; each inconsequence codified in

Rocks and bones have been murdered and museumed.

The arboretum had its soul -- the heartwood -- sold for pamphlets to promote what it was before it lost its soul.

Spirits I always considered an odd word for alcohol -- it means ghosts, yes? -- before I stole some whiskey from my father's liquor cabinet and drank it in the woods, camping one summertime, and I was possessed of a spirit all right that night!

Evening does not descend. Darkness does not fall. Dusk does not close some curtain. Death's second self does not seal up all the rest.

Sleeping deeply is a gift given to deceive those who have not yet overthrown the father.

The sun's light clarifies the intransigence (which we think of as a form of action) that moves quicker than glacial deposits.

Purse your lips when you hold a stone to listen to, or throw.

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