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   f r o m    n o v a    s u i t e,    i v,    p a r t    2

--- S T A N D A R D   S C H A E F E R

What remains are mere demons, daubed in nothingness, conducive of nothing, become one long comet or an air pocket, drifting into the glass.

Glass gradually reduced to sand. The opacity of a future reflex, reflected in immanence.

Recited, brushed off like a little death or a simple matter of documents changing hands by way of a stroke or spurt of paint that clings forever to the bright, uniform of fact, gradually reduced.

An exsanguination of demons-- to desroy clarity with clarity (1).

to get to the matter that remains-- an oval of stone, slab of pond.


(1) On this point, the Faculty of Theology contradicts the greenskeeper and thus the ancient appeal to the articles of Paris (who has gone a long time without seeing beauty). In place of the greenskeeper, a philosophier was sent, heavily robed and wearing his bat-winged hat, but lacking any formal understanding of the arteries. He returned to describe a dream in which he had performed his own autopsy in the hope that the story would prove useful to those who were awake.

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