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   s t i l l    l i f e    w./    b o o z y    l o n e l i n e s s

--- A N S E L M   B E R R I G A N

For Will

Vacate malathion, radically Estranged from aaarrrggghhh!

In the moonlight bricks Lilting often ballet-ick

Porkchop angels fluid Surgically restless guitar

Cased yellow wall-spine Thin joint, cardboard

Peter Pan bus, white Out radio, postcard

Screw frame quilt Plastic green Jesus

Nitelite, Fine Italian Continental Quisine Infused

With an Asian Flair Matchbook, blue metallic

Matador upside-down Indie disc, New Orleans

Kosmic Kow Poetry Potluck Party, sell out

Rag, white endtable Scenic ink telephone wire

Spidey yearns to learn Three hovers belly

Parallel, above the head Sparrow pasted onto

Floor, shattered clipart Heart bleeds wallpaper

Pause Button, Yaculik Baffles vox populoid

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