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   t h e    p i c t u r e s,    t h e    b o o k

--- M A T T   H A R T

There, the pictures.  The                          
book is an objet d’art       
but it’s incomplete,--
a prix fixe meal pending
real value
Tête-à-tête.  The book 
begs us, "let us have, 
in an edition beyond
adornment of the letter press,
any decoration"
Plus ça change -- The book 
is unknown, out of print, is
jaded by its own author.  
Faux shitty, pseudo crappy, 
neo wank!
Allah recherche.  The book
as ledger; profit and loss
and other spiritual accessories. 
The book beyond printing,
From The Dairy, a work in progress--other parts included in
PhillyTalks (forthcoming response issue) and COMBO 6.

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