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   o p e n    l e t t e r

--- M Y T I L I   J A G A N N A T H A N

the conditions are speaking to us do we speak to the conditions or to the winner do we speak the conditions in our deliberate mouths is our speaking conditional is our love conditionally speaking is this love against the stranger breaking down conditioning us for sound of cutting-off talk and rebirth to real kindness borne as bricks under these conditions a roof cover us over and do my conditions speak to yours innocently are they instructive can we deconstruct them are they without home and shared are they circular if no one ends these conditions are we stuck are we solid are we salty are we scissors do we survive clutching the end of a condition with our fear as food is our love dimensional are we new arc are we meeting here the radical avalanche of now are we solid are we seeming do we say

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