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   s l a v e s

--- R O N A L D   P A L M E R

"The mistake one makes is to speak to people." --Samuel Beckett (First Love)

Let's embrace like Michelangelo's mimetic Slaves. Lean Delicately your self-consciously gorgeous face: trust Your earless head against my unfinished: chest.

My thoughts are merely pathos: abandoned arms: forever half-polished. Rest: My inaccurate twin. Sing me silently: before you thrust Toward me: your alien mind's: master-fully carved dream.

Release one derelict thought: swimming hopeful: flawlessly clean: Like an opalescent fish: quivering holographic gills opening between us. This omen of speech: will be our perpetual guest.

My reticent: block: My student of self-involvement: be my nervous mirror: of stellar dust: My impeccably perverted: rock.

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