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--- A N S E L M   B E R R I G A N

Unemployment bird cheep-cheeps Stainglass conscience we don't see you Fortieth century dinosaur jetpacks From egg to egg in the pre-dawn Blue cave entrances hang waiting For a frame to afford representational pain I saw my first dad's face turn From a black and red profile blind and ordered It off the wall. Too scary. I'm glad your friend was tending bar And let us short change her mean boss It made it easier to go on and felt universal As if intelligence had been properly utilized for the first time Dailiness destroys the mind's aspirations And we like that, we toast to it And apply it to our sensory perceptions Of freon, asbestos, chorizo, metrocard Magnetic skull drilling, facepaint Cloth corsets and structural holes. The software licensed to the Red Army Is there if they show. They won't. So we won't be executed! By them. I pour a glass of pilsner over my head Release purr, diamond grudge Belly putt-putt serenade, public and plain. I have three new Yaculiks on the wall A decoder ring, a pink "au revoir sucker" And a portrait of Ted in front of Gem Spa Painted off the back cover of Red Wagon

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