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   t h e    g r o u p    d o l l

--- S H A R O N   K R I N S K Y

We bought an automatic doll, squandering the money we had saved for a desperately needed trip somewhere.

What we really wanted was a manual doll because they were cheaper.

With the modern advances in technology, there was quite an assortment of automatic and computerized dolls, but very few manual ones.

In fact, the doll man said, the manual doll was now obsolete. We would never be able to get parts for it.

For us, buying a computerized doll would be like going to graduate school before learning how to read.

That's just the way it is, said the doll man.

The group was disappointed. Now the trip was definitely out.

We argued about it, but finally decided to splurge on an automatic doll. We figured we could always buy the more advanced computerized model when the prices dropped.

The doll man had a lovely automatic doll with braids. We brought it home and plugged it into the wall.

The automatic doll turned bright red and started smoking. We pulled the plug.

The doll now had a shock hairdo and looked fried.

We called the doll man. He told us that we had seriously overloaded the automatic doll.

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