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--- C H A N D A   J .  G L A S S

I don't speak a lick of french, but I'll cry at the courtyard scene every damn time. Already dead but still brave, he draws that old sword, and that's enough to undo me. I think I cry for this dumb lover, not Roxane, who saw only what she wanted to see.

I mean, come on. He's late for the first time in fourteen years, stumbles, looks pale, and is bleeding from massive head trauma. This is unusual, no? But then, I don't speak french.

So she'll die a virgin in a convent after sitting there for fourteen years next to the heart of her heart, never looking directly at him, sewing. The voice, the words...two plus two... She seems unwilling to to do the math. But Depardieu loves her anyway, falls over dead, and I cry even though I don't understand the french.

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