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   t h e m e    f o r    t o m    d e v a n e y

--- E R I K   S W E E T

So what if I don't start when all of the others do!
A cloud hid behind a mini-skyscraper today as I 

say I spot you oh yes I do don't hide and drove down Washington Ave And the variations are pedantic sniffles (driving blah

under the Egyptian Albany wind and tombs of sky crazy existential empty speaker breezes…

So what if I play my records backwards and all I hear are the same things- did you want to hear

me say I hear satantic messages?- crowd I bet you do But I am speaking to one- Tom Devaney do you hear me?

Satan says to only use blue markers to cut up the sky That way they won't know what is going on

Just exactly what is going on? "I don't know, but in the meantime, could you turn it up?"

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