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   l o w -f i    w r o n g s

--- E R I K   S W E E T

"I was not finished when I plugged in another light
to have two lights and spite the original light

like light at night

Michaux said about art: it exists to ward off the surrounding powers of the hostile world

we are all inside creating. again, the hostile world is not pregnant with love &

The creations are spinning arcs and simple tongues

The awakening not drowning in the tide though, living like the parallels are big Canadian city concepts:

The pine hills are blues see: the jays are high up in northern branches the beams just break them into quarters

I placed the shaky hand on the one hand to steady it the table was an island majestic tight low and lovely

we are all light

again the way I looked at them all slanty-evil The shakey grin was an owl consideration

spinning spinning heads wrong heads

like the medium-sized reggae cities with street festivals

These are all just songs on the ledge recorded in a tin can

I looked at them

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