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   o n    b e i n g    t o l d    t o    g e t    m o r e    e x p o s u r e

--- J E N N Y   B R O W N E

Why not iron your dream
on a T-Shirt
or wrap your face
round a mug that steams, be seen
and heard?

Remember the big history book
with a picture of Alexis St. Martin,
the flap of his of stomach lifted
by Doc Beaumont to show
how he digested the latest news
and his wife's potatoes.

Now I have a new recipe
I want to try but I need
a spring-form pan.  I need
to remove the sides
of my own life, get a little
more visibility.   I am whispering

my plan to the man sitting
next to me, but his ears
are pierced.

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