Jacob Agatucci

We walk in and get a table in the corner. Just above our heads, shafts of sunlight, heavy with silvery motes, cascade over us like a transparent roof. We eat and talk happily and Steve asks me about Europe and what it was like.

The Green Circle

Linh Dinh

While the old man slept, I stared out the window. I took photographs of the cubicle, of the old man sleeping, of the oscilating fan... of the civic posters hectoring the populace to improve their public behavior.

Two Who Forgot

Tom Harper

Eden is an old person, telling the same stories, over and over, again and again, and there are no healthy young men left in the small town, all have gone to Vietnam or college. Joe Munday is a different story, a Bohemian poet from Alabama with white socks and a beard--new, bright, young male eyes for Ramona to study her likeness in. He is both uncertainty and change.


Scott Moran

Richard Conch. The kind of name that spelled Idiot. In meeting people he could never begin with a blank slate-- in meeting people he was already fighting his name that hung on his face like a piece of goat cheese.

A Blank, Bewildered Look

Robert Sward

2 excerpts from A Much Married Man his forthcoming serio-comic novel (Ekstasis Editions, Canada)

"She's an enchantress," Noah sighed. He'd played footsies with Louise-she of the jetty skin and mask-like smile-while Dolores and the Englishman argued the pros and cons of legalizing hemp.

Menage A Trois

Pelted by rain, Noah makes his way to the Volvo to pick up a fresh notepad and file of background notes. He tosses these into a breifcase and runs through a grove of redwood trees.
Waiting To See The Silent One

Lynne Tillman

I always carry dimes for times exactly like these. And no junkie on Ninth Street was more desperate than I as I stuck my hand in my bag for another one.

Hung Up
...when she was still a man she fathered a child, a son.
A Nomadic Event In The Body