Vanessa Walker


the media for me is no compass
crooked child in a straight world
we sit divided and united with figurative
ties, strung all together like the pride rings on a chain
a silent network
you get more vehemently angry about
a woman's right to choose
than gay marriages on the ballot
because it's safe
in Public Homophobic America
to support Rock For Choice
and you might as well fuck PFLAG as a high school student
it won't do you any good to suffer aloud
sympathy is hiding
empathy is felt deep in someone's heart too afraid
in the shadows, to speak out
if Stonewall hits my history class
because i chose it for my term paper
i'm not afraid to be accused of liking girls
they're more scared of the truth than i

the media for me is no compass crooked child in a straight world even the Rush Limbaugh-following conservative Southern-licked asshole friend of mine didn't rake me over the coals when he found out Liberal pro-choice un-matching girl is not only a freak but a dyke but is that just because two women at once are his fantasy?

the media for me is no compass crooked child in a straight world she's got shit-kicker boots with no one in particular to kick we got our blood boiling behind stone-cold faces and rant only to each other upon paper and kiss in empty houses or places we know to be safe like the coffeehouse or just a street our choices to be silent now are temporary but feel worse than wisdom-teeth holes we won't live as "roommates" but lovers i'd marry her if it were legal i'm telling my story to any soul who will listen but is it even unique any more? maybe... they'll listen because i'm queer and not yet 20 i haven't tried to kill myself but gave it two years of serious consideration and came out of it a happy lesbian kid with a girlfriend and the beginning of a lifelong struggle against ignorance what have i to hide, to closet in shame? THEY did this to me i did not force myself to be afraid but somebody's got to go around waving a freedom flag? wearing a pink triangle like a homosexual sentenced to a Nazi death camp? tragedy strikes before change comes about revolution from oppression the tiny voices finally receiving a mic and some press coverage a little isn't enough

the media is no compass for me crooked child in a straight world let me go down a martyr and a voice however cliched the American agenda may seem don't let another die ashamed and alone leave me a legacy