L. Detweiler

from the Internet Writers Resource Guide

A Note to Writers

Email submissions have many advantages. In addition to the fast and reliable transmission, the editor may give more rapid turnaround to email inquiries. The opportunity for writer-editor communication and feedback is increased. The ability to find the specific outlet for a particular piece is improved. Also, in comparison to the telephone, people can read their mail whenever they want instead of at random interruptions. They can measure their responses carefully and archive them for future reference. For submissions, the intermediate step of rekeying typewritten text is largely eliminated.

Please treat this capability of email submission with the utmost respect. If you abuse it you may jeopardize your own and fellow writer's future opportunities. An editor may decide capriciously that only junk comes in electronically, and ignore or remove the capability. Or, the editor may pay special attention to all the gems of articles that can be discovered and polished there. Always treat the editor with kind regard. If an article is rejected, simply resubmit elsewhere, make changes, or abandon it. The email address is not a hotline to flame or harass editors.

Whenever you hear of a new address, please inform the author of this list. You do not gain anything by withholding it from your fellow writers. Everyone benefits when the list is thorough and complete. A comprehensive list of outlets encourages competition between them for your writing based on rights and remuneration policies, similar to an electronic Yellow Pages.

Also, feel free to approach editors you know about the idea of setting up the service of internet email submission addresses. Tell them that their competitors have set up the system and that there are many potential benefits, perhaps ultimately eliciting improved reader satisfaction and interest.

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