Rocco Alamo

is a freelance artist designing graphics for commercial WEB sites.

Stephen Beyer

is the recipient of Two NEA grants, a Guggenheim, a Bush Foundation Grant and a PEW among others. His work has been shown in Paris, NYC, LA, Chicago, etc. He has taught at the University of Iowa, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Penn State, etc. He is listed in the "Who's Who of American Art".

Sarah Bloom

is a performance poet, in the Dead Pool Poet's group. She runs a reading/performance series at "Zoot" on Tuesday nights in Queen's Village, Philadelphia. Her poetry has appeared in the Poet's Attic.

Clark DeLeon

has recently left The Philadelphia Inquirer where he was a daily columnist for 23 years.

Linh Dinh

is editor of the anthology Night, Again: contemporary fiction from Vietnam (New York: Seven Stories Press) due out in May, 1996. He is a 1993 PEW Fellowship recipient for Poetry, his translations, poetry and short stories can be found in the current issue of Sulfur and forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Manoa, Northeast Corridor, New Observations and The American Poetry Review.

Peter Etnoyer

graduated from Duke University in 1988, he is a recipient of an Armstrong Foundation Grant, Steinman Grant and a Philadelphia Independent Filmakers Subsidy. His film art has been screened on "Best of XYZ", Innovations 1994 Film Festival, Vox Populi Gallery, New Art Voices and most recently a Philadelphia Urban renewal project entitled "The Art Front Projects".

Al Filreis

is a specialist in modern American literature, has published an edition of Wallace Stevens's correspondence with Jose Rodriguez Feo Secretaries of the Moon, 1986, two books on American poetry, articles on modern poetry and painting and on the literary politics of the 1950s. Stevens and the Actual World was published by Princeton University Press in 1991. Another book, Modernism from Right to Left, has recently been published by Cambridge University Press. He is currently writing a literary history of the American 1950s called The Fifties' Thirties.

Adam Corson Finnerty

is Director of Development for the University of Pennsylvania Library. He is the author of "World Citizen" (Orbis Books), has two decorative Master's Degrees (Am Civ, and Social Work), and loves libraries. His article on "Library Fundraising on the Web" will appear in the ALA "Big Book of Library Grants" next year, but xconnect readers can get it much faster by emailing:

Douglas Van Gundy

is in the MFA program for Creative Writing at Goddard College.

LeeAnn Heringer

is an engineer for Motorola developing application software for small handheld pen driven computers. She won an emmy for technical achievement for a video workstation she helped design. Her poetry has been published by So It Goes and The Hawk.

Kim Hodges

from Portland, Oregon, now lives and works in Kennewick, Washington. She has done graduate work in English and Linguistics. Kim and Marek Lugowski are the publishers of A Small Garlic Press.

Sharon Ann Jaeger

is the recipient of the 1994 Ezra D. Pound Prize awarded for Poetry Translation. She is the editor of INTERTEXT, a small press in Anchorage Alaska. Her two doctorates are in English from SUNY-Albany and Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Pennsylvania. Her collections of poetry are: Filaments of Affinity(1989), The Chain of Dead Desire(1990) and Why the Planets do not Speak(1995).

Kyi May Kaung

is the recipient of the 1993 William Carlos Williams Prize awarded by the Academy of American Poets, a Fullbright Scholar from Burma, received her doctorate in City and Regional Planning. Her collections of poetry are: A Sampler For Mr. Smith(1994), Poems of Love and Tyranny(1994), Pelted with Petals/Burmese Poems(1993), Lines to an Invisable Man(1993).

Patrick Kelly

teaches english in Veszprem, Hungary. His first chapbook entitled The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson was published by City Bookshop Press in Philadelphia.

Patrick Lawler

is a professor at Ononadago College and SUNY-Syracuse, college of ESF where he teaches creative writing, poetry and technical writing . His two recent volumes of poetry, Reading a Burning Book and A Drowning Man is Never Tall Enough were published by BASFAL Books and The University of Georgia Press respectively.

Michael Mcneilley

is the editor of Olympia Review. His fiction has been published in Kaleidoscope, DAM, Plazm, Kumquat Meringue, Fritz, Pirate Writings, Sunflower, Gypsy and elsewhere. His old house in Olympia Washington has a large cherrytree stump in the backyard, where the spirit of his dead brother sits on clear nights, the ghost of a baby possum on his shoulder, and paints an undercoating of moonlight on clouds high across the Sound. Michael's poetry can be found in CrossConnect issue one.

C. E. Nelson

is the publisher of Godhead Is Dead - A Poetry Magazine & Godhead Is Dead Press. His work has appeared recently in subUrbanTerrain, Happy Kitty #1 and #2 and was featured in Moon Magazine's Annual IO installment, as well as several ezines and local small zines in the Gainesville area where he lives.

Bob Perelman

is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. His most recent volume of poetry is Virtual Reality from Roof Press. His most recent critical book, The Marginalization of Poetry, is due out from Princeton University Press this year

Justine Pullo

lives and works in New York City. She has a BFA from the University of the Arts.

Michael J. Ryan

lives in Windham, New Hamshire. He is a 1983 graduate of Boston College who has spent the last 10 years in the architectural design and construction industry. Betrayal is the prologue of his current novel in progress.

Steven Sanders

lives and writes in Lauderdale, Minnesota. He has a story in the current issue of In Vivo.

Cheryl Spears

is a freelance photographer from Philadelphia.

Jody Sweitzer

lives and works in Philadelphia, she received her BFA from The University of the Arts.

Peter Tolman

completed his B.A. at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan (Philosophy/Sociology), and currently resides and works in Victoria Brittish Columbia. His poetry has appeared in several of Sand River Journal's past issues.

Raina Von Waldenburg

is the assistant director of the Main Stage at NYU where she teaches theatre, a contributing editor for CrossConnect. She is in the MFA program for Creative Writing at Goddard College.

Lois Wickstrom

is a retired high school chemistry teacher. Her fiction has been published in the Tampa Tribune, The Berkley Anthology, The Clarion Awards, Fantasy Book, The Christian Science Monitor, Jack and Jill Magazine and other places.