Kyi May Kaung

"I'm only a monkey, female; I don't deserve a magic cudgel, like Monkey himself," she said, imitating the Celestials' Official Speech in disgust, her voice growing high-pitched in proportion to her lost temper. "They gave me a wretched Rolling Pin."
  • The Golden Time

    Michael Mcneilley

    He stares blankly out the bus window at a parade of small suburban houses, defocusing on things past the glass, drifting through background pastels interspersed with wider swatches: the blue of a small lake, forest green, shopping center grey.
  • Experiences in Handicapped Camping

    Michael J. Ryan

    Suddenly, the surrounding cottages blur and swirl rapidly around Malcolm. He feels himself being sucked into the maelstrom; no matter where he looks, his gaze is pulled toward the ripped and mutilated neck of his victim.
  • Betrayal of the Apocalypse

    Steven Sanders

    Yellow and red spotlights shine mid-stage, the magician's bald head occupies the orange disk of light where the two meet. Beads of sweat break out across his brow, and he pats at them with a snow-white handkerchief. His light blue eyes scan the audience, but he waits until everyone is seated before starting the show. A quick look at his watch confirms it is time to begin.
  • Personal Magic

    Lois Wickstrom

    "I know you'll use it carefully, but don't worry if you hit the wrong kid now and then -- the kids all know they've done something to deserve it." He sat back in his emerald green executive chair and smiled. "Welcome to Tampa Sixth Grade Center."
  • Teacher Set on Stun