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Recent publications

Forthcoming     Proto-Dravidian Agriculture, to appear in a volume of papers from the 7th ESCA Round Table Conference held at Kyoto in June 2005 (download PDAgriculture.pdf)
2005    Linguistic archaeology of South Asia, London: Routledge-Curzon (for the Table of Contents and chapter summaries, download LASAcontents.pdf)

2005    Prehistoric implications of the Dravidian element in the NIA lexicon, with special reference to Marathi, International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics 34.1.17-28 (download DravidianElement.pdf)

SARVA (South Asian Residual Vocabulary Assemblage) Project
The SARVA Project is a research tool in the form of an online, ongoing etymological dictionary, whose ultimate goal is to assemble all words showing early language contact among the (known and unknown) languages of the subcontinent, in order to provide data for the reconstruction of  the history of language contact in the region, from the time of  the earliest knowable South Asian linguistic strata, including inferences regarding the locations of these strata in time and space. The Project can be accessed at http://www.aa.tufs.ac.jp/sarva/. A description of the Project is available here (download SARVA.pdf).

PUBLICATIONS (Franklin C. Southworth)
  2005    Linguistic archaeology of South Asia, London: Routledge-Curzon

2005    Prehistoric implications of the Dravidian element in the NIA lexicon, with special reference to Marathi, Intl. Jl. of Dravidian Linguistics 34.1.17-28

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1987    njf[ idwjjAN njA ljogj (New Directions, New People), a series of twenty videotaped episodes for instruction in Hindi-Urdu, produced by Riverbank Studio, New Delhi, under the overall supervision of F. C. Southworth

1971    The Student's Hindi-Urdu Reference Manual, University of Arizona Press.

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