Table of Contents

Coursepak for LING 057

H. Schiffman, Instructor.


  1. Gerhard Leitner, The Sociolinguistics of Communication Media (from Coulmas, F. Handbook of Sociolinguistics)

  2. Fasold, Ralph: Chapter on Methodology, esp. of language attitude study; (from Sociolinguistics of Society)

  3. Giles, Howard. Chapter, Ethnicity Markers in Speech , (from Scherer and Giles, Social Markers in Speech.)

  4. William Labov, The Logic of Nonstandard English

  5. J. L. Dillard, Bidialectal Education: Black English and Standard English in the United States

  6. Saltzman, Z. Design Features of Language.

  7. Schepartz, L.A. `Language and Modern Human Origins,' from Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 36.91-126 (1993).

  8. LeClerc, Schmitt and Dubé: Foreign Branding and its Effects on Product Perceptions and Attitudes ., last modified 8/31/05