Freshman WATU Writing Seminar:
Language and Popular Culture, LING 057.

Fall Semester, 2005
H. Schiffman, Instructor

Some of these (marked RR) are on Reserve in Rosengarten.

Author Title Publication Reserve Status
Algeo, John
and Adele Algeo
Fifty years among the new words : a dictionary of neologisms 1991, New York
Cambridge University Press
VPReference PE1630 .F5 1991
Van Pelt Reference
Bonfiglio, Thomas Paul Race and the Rise of Standard American Mouton de Gruyter, Language, Power and Social Process 7, 2002. PE2808.8 .B66 2002 (requested)
Cook, Guy. The discourse of advertising London ; New York : Routledge, 1992. P302 .C625 1992
Curtiss, Susan. Genie : a psycholinguistic study of a modern-day "wild child" New York : Academic Press, 1977. P118 .C8 1977a no
Fasold, Ralph W. The sociolinguistics of language Oxford (UK) and Cambridge (MA) B. Blackwell, 1990. Van Pelt Shelves, P40 .I58 1984 v.2
Fasold, Ralph W. The sociolinguistics of society B. Blackwell, 1984. Van Pelt shelves, P40 .I58 1984 v.1
Finnegan, Edward: Language and its Structure. (R) Harcourt, Brace 1994. RR
Giroux, Henry A. The mouse that roared : Disney and the end of innocence Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, 1999 PN1999.W27 G57 1999 RR
Itard, Jean Marc Gaspard, Victor de l'Aveyron. Rapports et memoires sur le sauvage de l'Aveyron Paris : Editions Allia, 1994. GN372 .I83 1994 no
Itard, Jean Marc Gaspard The wild boy of Aveyron transl. by George & Muriel Humphrey
( Rapports et memoires sur le sauvage de l'Aveyron )
Englewood Cliffs, N. J. : Prentice-Hall, 1962. GN372 .I88 1962b no
Johnstone, Barbara Qualitative Methods in Sociolinguistics Oxford U. Press, 2000 RR
Kottak, Conrad Phillip. Prime-Time Society: An Anthropological Analysis of Television and Culture Belmont (California): Wadsworth. 1990 no
Johnson, Mark and George Lakoff Metaphors we Live By U. of Chicago Press. (R) Annenberg Ref
Van Pelt RR
Nagle, Stephen J. and Sara L. Sanders. English in the southern United States. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003. Requested for RR
Scherer, Klaus R. and Howard Giles. Social Markers in Speech Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1979 RR
Schiffman, H. Linguistic Culture and Language Policy, Routledge 1996. Van Pelt RR
Shaheen, Jack. The TV Arab. 1984. Bowling Green, Ohio: B. Green State U. Popular Press. Van Pelt HE8700.8 .S5 1984
Shaheen, Jack. Reel bad Arabs : how Hollywood vilifies a people. New York : Olive Branch Press, 2001. Van Pelt PN1995.9.A68 S54 2001
Whittock, Trevor Film and Metaphor Cambridge U. Press, 1990. (R) Van Pelt RR, Annenberg R
Wolfram, W. and N. Schilling-Estes American English: Dialects and variation Blackwell 1998 Van Pelt PE2841 .W63 1998


  • Other Useful Resources:

    1. Van Pelt Library, Rosengarten Reserve Room List

    2. Some bibliographies that focus on language and ethnicity, language and gender, and related topics, can be found here.

      For film study, look in particular at this one.

      For language, gender, class, and other sociolinguistic issues, look here.

    3. Film Criticism: Van Pelt and Annenberg resources

    4. Van Pelt holdings of films and videos.

    5. Video Stores: TLA Video (which carries lots of older or non-current videos) has locations at 7530 Germantown Ave., 1520 Locust, 1808 Spring Garden St., and 517 S. 4th St.

    6. The Internet Movie Database. Takes you to almost everything commercially available, with some small plot summaries etc.

    7. Films on or about language `disability'

    8. A videography of films on/about race and ethnicity.

    9. Linguistics and Language Science: For information, definitions, and background about Linguistics and Language see this page (LING 101) that has many helpful links.

    10. Resources on Southern and Confederate films, sound-files, etc.

    11. A website about a PBS television series featuring Navajo Skinwalkers.

    12. Wave files: 50 top sites.

    13. Tedesco's favorites: here

    14. Another index of wave files, movie files, TV commercials, etc.

    15. An index of all kinds of free stuff related to movies, sound files, etc. This one is the subdirectory for sound files., last modified Sept. 6, 2000.
      fname: readlist.html