ClSt/ComL 200

Outline of Ancient Greek History


Political events

Cultural monuments

Minoan: 3000-1450 BC

Map of Bronze Age Aegean
Map of Ancient Crete showing major Bronze Age population centers
Palace at Cnossus: Throne Room, c. 1600 BC

Images of Minoan Snake Goddess:

Faience statuette, c. 1600 BC; another view
Chryselephantine statuette, c. 1600 BC
Seal, c. 1600 BC
Antelope Fresco from Thera
Gold cup from Athens, 1500-1450 BC

Mycenaean: 1600-1150 BC

Destruction of Cnossus, c. 1380 BC 
Destruction of Troy VII-A, c. 1250 BC 
Destruction of Mycenae, c. 1150 BC
Citadel of Mycenae
Aerial view
Lion's gate

Dark Ages: 1150-800 BC

Migrations, 1050-950 BC Centaur from Lefkandi, 900-800 BC
Geometric amphora from Athens, c. 850 BC

Archaic: 800-500


Traditional date of the foundation of Rome, 753 BC

Republican government at Rome, 510 BC
Democratic government at Athens, 508 BC

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
Hesiod: Theogony and Works and Days
Homeric Hymns 
Olympic games
Middle Corinthian orientalizing vase
Corinthian orientalizing vase, c. 600 BC
Naxian Sphinx from Delphi, 570-560 BC
Exekias: Ajax and Achilles, c. 530 BC
Siphnian Treasury, Delphi, 525 BC:
Council of the Olympian Gods:
General View
General View

Classical: 500-323

Persian Wars: 
    Battle of Marathon, 490 BC 
    Battle of Salamis, 480 BC


Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC 

Alexander the Great, d. 323 BC

Map of conquests


Olympia, Temple of Zeus, 472-457 BC:

West Pediment:
General view
Detail: Apollo with Centaurs
Detail: Apollo (torso)
Detail: Apollo (head)
Cult Statue of Zeus (reconstructed)
Aeschylus (525-456 BC):
Prometheus Bound (?)
Oresteia , 458 BC
Athens: Parthenon, 447-438 BC

Sophocles (496-405 BC):

    Antigone, 442-441 BC
    Oedipus the King, 429-425 BC (?) 
    Oedipus at Colonus, 401 BC
Euripides (485-406 BC):
    Medea, 431 BC
    Bacchae, 406 BC
Plato: Republic (Myth of Er), 387 BC

Hellenistic: 321-146 BC

First Punic War, 264-241 BC

Second Punic War, 218-201 BC

Second Macedonian War, 200-196 BC

Proclamation of freedom for the Greek cities by Titus Flamininus at Isthmian Games of 196 BC
Third Punic War, 149-146 BC
Destruction of Carthage, 146 BC
Achaean Revolt, 146 BC
Sack of Corinth, 146 BC

Livius Andronicus, fl. 240 BC:
Gaius Naevius, d. 204-201 BC:
Bellum Punicum
Quintus Ennius, 239-169 BC

Roman: 146 BC-337 AD

Battle of Actium, 32 BC

Death of Augustus, 14 AD

Death of Constantine, 337 AD

Vergil (Publius Vergilius Maro), 70-19 BC
Aeneid, 19 BC
Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), 43 BC-17/18 AD
Metamorphoses, 8 AD ?

'Apollodorus' fl. c. 200 AD