ClSt / ComL 200:
Second Paper Topic

This paper will be an exercise in analyzing visual representations of myth. You may choose one of the topics listed below, i.e. the myth of Perseus. Several of the links will take you to images or texts illustrating different aspects of the myth. You need not address all of the images and texts provided; instead, choose two or at most three examples. In your essay you should explain how each of these images or texts interprets the myth, and then analyze how the different interpretations compare to ne another. Your paper should be five pages in length (typed, double-spaced, 12-point type), i.e. about 1000 words. Do not use secondary sources: the paper is to be your own analysis, not the presentation of someone else's ideas. Do not quote extensively from the primary sources or summarize them at great length. Your work will be evaluated partly on its effectiveness at highlighting and analyzing important details rather than merely paraphrasing the general run of a narrative. You may ask for a consultation over a preliminary draft, but should not construe the advice you get as insuring good results: your grade depends on the quality of your work, ie. on how well you execute any advice you may get on how to approach the assignment.

The paper is due in sections at the beginning of class on April 18 or 19.