HSS 414 = Soc 514

Selected Readings in Michel Feher,

Fragments for a History of the Human Body


Vol. 2

Week 2

1. Therefore, Socrates is Immortal [Nicole Loraux 2

2. Reflections of a Soul [Eric Alliez & Michel Feher 46

3. The Face and the Soul [Patrizia Magli 86

Week 3

5. The Upward Training of the Body from the Age of Chivalry to Courtly Civility [Georges Vigarello 148

6. Geerewol: The Art of Seduction [Carol Beckwith 200

7. Love's Rewards [René Nelli 218

Week 4

9. Tales of Shen and Xin: Body-Person and Heart-Mind in China during the Last 150 Years [Mark Elvin 266

11. The Three-Body Problem and the End of the World [Hillel Schwartz 406

13. The End of the Body [Jonathan Parry 490

Vol. 3

Week 5

2. The Art of Pulling Teeth in the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries: From Public Martyrdom to Private Nightmare and Political Struggle [David Kunzle 28

3. "Amor Veneris, vel Dulcedo Appeletur" ("which ought to be called Venus's love, or rather its sweetness") [Thomas W. Laqueur 90

6. Upanisad of the Embryo 176

Week 6

9. Personal Status and Sexual Practice in the Roman Empire [Aline Rousselle 300

12. The Meaning of Sacrifice [Christian Duverger 366

14. The Emperor-God's Other Body [Florence Dupont 396

Week 7

Readings from other sources, to be added