Medicine and the Body

HSS 414 = SOC 514

Research Reports

This is a list of the papers that students wrote for previous sessions of HSS 414=SOC514, "Medicine and the Body," at the University of Pennsylvania. Majors or graduate programs are noted after a few names where they might not otherwise be obvious. The titles are in some cases paraphrases of the original title to make the content clear.

Alberts, Eli N, "Taoist Depiction of the Body" (2000)

Assaly, George W. (Economics), "A Study of Body Images in a Romance Chat Room on the Internet." (1998)

Banger, Elizabeth, "Medical Decision-making on Behalf of Children" (2002)

Berson, Joshua, "Psychiatric Use of Herbal Drugs in Psychopharmacological Literature"

Bhattacharji, Aditya, "Leprosy in Colonial South India" (2002)

Bielawiec, Irene K, "Female Circumcision" (2000)

Bowling, Dale (History), "The Body in the Work of Paul-Joseph Barthez, 18th-century French Physician and Vitalist." (1998)

Bradshaw, Elizabeth A, "Death as the Body's Mirror in the Ancient Greek World"

Brame, Krista (Nursing), "Body Image, Breasts and Breast Feeding." (1998)

Carpenter, Elise, "Organ Transplantation in Japan" (2000)

Cohen, Jaime (History and Sociology of Science), "Eating Disorders in Female Athletes." (1998)

Coleman, Lonzieree, "Geisha" (2000)

Conley, Joe (Biology), "De la Mettrie's Man as a Machine." (1998)

Delgado, Rodolfo (Sociology), "Body Taboos of Three Peoples." (1998)

Eckstut, Meredith, "Critique of Schwartz's Three-Body Problem"

Fox, Marissa, "Heroin Chic in Historical Perspective" (2002)

Garcia, Din (Sociology) , "Is Race a Biological Concept, a Social Concept, or a Combination of Both?"

Gerstenfeld, Tyler, "Bionic Man: The Integration of Body and Machine" (2002)

Gross, Margaret, "Epilepsy, 19C" (2002)

Hahn, Rainer C, "Wonders, Monsters" (2000)

Han, Doo Heum, "Dead Bodies in Choson Korea (1392-1900)" (2002)

Hansen, Jennifer, "The Barbie Doll and Girls' Bodies" (2002)

Hardy, Ian R, "The Theme of the Pregnant Father" (2000)

Hassan, Hadi, "Medical Aspects of Fasting" (2002)

Haverfield, Eden (Anthropology & Biology), "Amish Views of Medicine and the Body." (1998)

Hersh, Alyssa C, "Organ Donation and Transplantation: Hindu & Jewish" (2000)

Johnson, Andi, "History of Athletic Training" (2002)

Kadivar, Khadijeh, "Menstruation in Ancient Greece" (2002)

Karnaze, Margaret M, "Evidence-based Medicine: A New Orthodoxy"

Klein, Jason (Biomedical Anthropology), "The Body in Australian Aborigine Art." (1998)

Koppolu, Shailaja (Sociology), "Ideal vs. Reasonable Weights." (1998)

Martelli, Peter F, "Philly Squatter-Punk Culture. Tatooing" (2000)

McCaskie, Jennifer, "The Body and Visualization in Shang-ch'ing Scriptures" (2002)

Meyer, Christine, "Ideal Body Image, 1900-Present." (1998)

Moult, Alison F (Sociology), "Man-Midwifery and the Enlightenment"

Mueller, Rebecca, "Medical Data and Bodily Experience in Cystic Fibrosis"

Navabi, Zohreh (Sociology), "Body Language in U.S. Courting Customs, 17th and 18th Centuries." (1998)

Peng, Mu (Folklore), "The Role of the Doctor's Body in Chinese Medicine"

Pino, Zadith (History and Sociology of Science), "Menstruation Taboos." (1998)

Quadrini, Gabriella M, "Mental Health Therapy and Managed Care"

Ranta, Rebecca, "Yellow Fever, 1793" (2002)

Riegler, Hashi (History and Sociology of Science), "Genital Reconstructive Surgery." (1998)

Roy, Divya, "Sanitary Science and Education in British India " (2002)

Sadar, John, "Topographic Setting of Vesalius' Illustrations" (2002)

Scott, Jennifer E, "Blondes" (2000)

Selcer, Perrin (HSS), "The Rhetorical Science of Dr. Atkins (the Atkins Diet) and the AMA"

Siddiqi, Faez (Biological Bases of Behavior), "Physical Stigmata." (1998)

Smith, Hilary, "Dead Bodies: The Deceased and Negotiation" (2002)

Sun, Xiaochun, "Body as Microcosm" (2000)

Warren, Tamar (History and Sociology of Science), "Body Conceptions in Matriarchal and Patriarchal Societies." (1998)

Yeh, Ann Ming, "Qi in Recent Chinese Medicine" (2000)

Zedan, Karima (Communications), "Body Conceptions in Japanese Bushido." (1998)

Zeichner, Joshua (History and Sociology of Science), "Homeopathy in the Modern U.S." (1998)

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