Areas of Special Strength

Penn's faculty and course offerings are especially strong in the following areas:

  • Bible and History of Biblical Interpretation: Carasik, Dohrmann, Ben-Amos, Fishman
  • Ancient and Medieval Judaism: Ben-Amos, Dohrmann, Ruderman, Fishman
  • Jewish Intellectual and Social History: Ruderman, Wenger, Nathans, Fishman, Dohrmann
  • Early Modern and Modern Jewish Culture: Ruderman, Wenger, Nathans, Hellerstein, Weissberg, Filreis, Lustick, Zelizer, Kiron, Gold
  • American Jewish Culture: Wenger, Hellerstein, Filreis, Zelizer, Kiron
  • Modern Jewish Literature: Gold, Hellerstein, Filreis, Weissberg, Zelizer
  • Gender and Jewish Culture Studies: Wenger, Hellerstein, Weissberg, Zelizer, Gold, Fishman
  • Israel Studies: Gold, Lustick, Wenger, Zelizer
Jewish Studies Program
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