The Philippines:


Some Facts:

Our country is an archipelago of 7,107 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Once, we were a colony of Spain
for more than three centuries (1521-1898). In June 12, 1898, we declared our republic under the
presidency of General Emilio Aguinaldo.  We are the first Southeast Asian nation to gain Independence.
But we became a possession of the United States in 1898 (through the Treaty of Paris). In 1946, we once
again gained our independence. We were the first Asian colony to become independent following World
War II.

Today, our country's population is more or less 60,000,000. We come from different ethnicity. Some are
of Malay descent, some are of Chinese descent, others are of Spanish descent, others still are of
American, and many more.

Our national language is Filipino. English is widely used.

More or less eighty percent of us belong to the Roman Catholic Church. There is no government or
social restriction on religion.

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