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   g o i n g    t o    1 0 8

--- C A C O N R A D

"Mine eye lids shut, I fell into unfelt realms"
		--Samuel Greenberg

finally going to send a line down

listen to listen to

flesh come over a loose root a filed song you're your ax handle life the lights the horns follow

funerals everything doorknobs watering itself muffle or scream same cover of some clouds angle a weight

holding away

holding its air this body holding open reflective sorrows deflecting arrows move in range

flying raid clearing tree line not here for a hard entrance moss makes funnel soft reaching navel soft

ordered emptied emptied emptier flesh many miles off broken stop here stop help stop end of centered t h o u g t h

sensate due

sharpest knife sent to cross section mistake

clicking out ticking off before the arrival schedule a door be made what thought creates a door bit through phantom name hold back boredom for jobs wonder cancels by newspaper's end

i saw it you saw it too feel this remember this glowing red triangle

blue being unreachable not signaling but assuring

around marrow surround solid banks have you fired a gun felt a kick of bullets from you you are doing

with aim enclosed zero very large number entering void as in circular magnets these walls they are always lined with flesh

when everyone's free again don't believe the slow speech fast around here earth fast

you yoop against me the way to stand so no one screams at your crotch

trust how it opens

everyone's reward is made up anyway

see how calm you get you knot up to knock out another piece of what happens when you do what you came forward with

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