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   u n s a y a b l e

--- T E R E S A   L E O

	for Leidy Sheeder Bonanno, 1981-2003

Here, it cannot end the place where I once saw sparrows crosscut raw, unblemished fields you who I did not know, falling without form, rage, the only the most beautiful word in the English language, languish this:

what Paris, what place we go but can't see what body adjusts to non-light, to tell what's torn from what's here snow suffocates field you who I did not know, the news, the one story about what happened, a twisted spike in the gut of our dark city I

don't want to believe it's like falling when you who I did not know but in some way did, no words make sense it is without sense you, long hair pinned up more than a photo on TV, lost worlds: still, ache, mercy, fist a way of saying not this, please, not this

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