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From the 3rd Year Celebration Party

With this issue, the ninth Web issue of Xconnect, we conclude ourthird year of life -- we can't help but pause -- collectively. Inreflection, we can almost fall backward toward our foundinginspiration -- to create a new outlet for writers. One, which wouldacknowledge the vast expanse of disciplines, from experimental toworks well rooted in our own discoveries.

Xconnect: writers of the information age is not only a documentedhistory of the Writers that have passed though our WEB Magazine andthe Kelly Writers House but it represents where we were and moreimportantly where we are arriving as a culture. Through the eyes ofartists we'll choose to chart our own paths.

CrossConnect's mission has always been to promote the works of artistsby providing a viable outlet to reach their audience. With mostliterary magazines, the pages themselves, housed by its coverspromotes a sense of artistic community. Unfortunately print wasn'talways an option, but with the wonders of the world wide web, we wereable to reach a broader range of readers and expand the audience forliterary works.

As I look around the room we can begin to see the artistic communityof CrossConnect, writers and visual artists -- surrounded by thesewalls. Each possess an individual voice, a message untold untilforged into the reality of the medium. We give thanks to the KellyWriters House for providing a permanent address and a foundation forour virtual magazine. Under the direction of Al Filreis and KerrySherin, a real sense of place has taken shape here -- with its ownenergy, its instinct for survival resonates to form a distinctpersonality. Capturing this culture is our most significant task aseditors.

-- Dave

David E. Deifer

Founding Editor

Senior Editor
Web Producer

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