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   e x i s t e n t i a l i s m

--- M A R K   H A L L I D A Y

It's true I was a turkey yesterday and a bit of an asshole the day before that but that is all flotsam gone over the dam thanks to our being in this vastatious unknowable flux. Which makes for hump upon hump of sadness except when I'm thinking of my turkeyhood yesterday not to mention anus behavior two days back. Today is -- I wake to rain whickles and the bonking of workmen placing cobbles in the lane, don't they care da da da da the rain? Lane, rain -- can I not release this brain from rhyme and make this day a secret villa in the forest of some alternative to Spain? Nobody can say how I might be today -- oggi oh gee -- let today be "Death to all those who ever yammered on about the Death of the Author" day. Let me be the most amazing non-poultry! There is no proof that I cannot. . . . No positive proof. Euripides, "Outlaw Blues," come with me now babe we got nothingness to lose.

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