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--- R A N D A L L   C O U C H

In principio Enhorabuena En guarde In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful Once upon a time Come all ye jolly young fellows Gentlemen, start your engines       Do not pass go       Do not go gentle       Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards       Don’t step on my blue suede shoes       Don’t tread on me       Noli me tangere             Molto vivace             Sotto voce             Once more with feeling             Da capo al fine                   Play it again, Sam                   Go down, Moses                   Come with me to the Casbah                   Take the cash and let the credit go                   Love ’em and leave ’em                   Exit Ophelia             Take back the night             All for one and one for all             Workers of the world, unite             Up against the wall             Steal this book       Abandon hope, all ye that enter here       Cast a cold eye       Through a glass, darkly       Consider the lilies of the field       All you need is love       Happily ever after Dic mihi quae est Riddle me this Mon seul desir Whoso pulleth this sword Make it new In the beginning

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