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[TXT]00.Introduction2003-05-20 15:28 36K 
[TXT]01.Edessa1996-02-16 20:57 120K 
[TXT]02.Egypt1996-02-16 20:57 48K 
[TXT]03.Ignatius & Polycarp, Macedonia & Crete1996-02-16 20:57 43K 
[TXT]04.Asia Minor Prior to Ignatius1996-02-16 20:57 45K 
[TXT]05.Rome and Christianity Outside of Rome1996-02-16 20:58 41K 
[TXT]06.Rome's Persuasive and Polemical Tactics1996-02-16 20:58 50K 
[TXT]07.The Confrontation: General Characteristics & Procedures1996-02-16 20:58 42K 
[TXT]08.The Use of Literature in the Conflict1996-02-16 20:58 127K 
[TXT]09.The Old Testament, the Lord, and the Apostles1996-02-16 20:58 88K 
[TXT]10.The Beginnings1996-02-16 20:59 31K 
[TXT]Appendix 1. The Problem of Jewish Christianity1996-02-16 20:59 135K 
[TXT]Appendix 2. The Reception of the Book1996-02-16 20:59 85K 

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