Gendering the Indian Ocean
Byron's "The Giaour"
Josephine McQuail
Tennessee Technological University

This page is meant primarily to be a resource for students and teachers of Byron's "The Giaour." Students may view the power point presentations at their own pace, and will find a bibliography as well. In addition to "Orientalism and Byron's 'The Giaour,'" there is a module on Byron's use of Arabic and Indian words in the poem, some visual arts that illustrate the points and concepts discussed in the modules, a list of assignments for students, and a short paper on agricultural innovations, the Industrial Revolution, and the Neoclassical and Romantic concepts of nature.

Assignments on the Giaour
Byron and Orientalism
Byron's language in the Giaour
The text of the Giaour
Works cited
Report on agriculture, the industrial revolution and romantic nature
Images to accompany the Giaour


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