The International Organization for
Septuagint and Cognate Studies

Call for Papers
Annual Meeting of SBL, Denver, 17-20 November 2018

The call for papers for the annual SBL meeting (to be held in Denver, Colorado this year) is open! Kristin De Troyer shares the call for her own session on Samuel–Kings Textual Criticism, where there is room for some LXX!

As we have looked in the past years at kaige, lucianic and hexaplaric texts and manuscripts, we accept any paper that shows how and why these three texts need to be studied together. Examples can be elaborated, theories presented, contributions of daughter versions in this process emphasized, etc. Over the past years our audience has grown steadily to a really nice group collaborating with and supporting each other and with newcomers in the field slowly being introduced to our sort of work.

Moreover, one of our sessions will be in cooperation with the Book of Samuel Consultation, which will be focusing on 1 Sam 13-15. What can we learn from the "usual" methods and what can Hebrew Bible scholars learn from Text Critics? If you feel you want to address this topic, please indicate it in your abstract, so that we can slide you in the correct session. So, grab your pencils, write out a proposal, upload it on the SBL website and come and join us!

contacts, queries: Jay Treat