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The University of Pennsylvania and the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia present

The Prince before the Prince

February 25, 2011

Houston Hall – Benjamin Franklin Room

3417 Spruce Street



Lorenzo de' Medici di Benozzo Gozzoli


According to some political theorists, western democracies are paving the road for the coming of a "postmodern prince". This conference analyses the image of the Prince from a historical, literary, political, and juridical perspective, from antiquity to Machiavelli's powerful portrait.  Why has the Prince conquered the imagination of intellectuals as well as common people, across the centuries?


  8:30   Coffee                                    


  Presider: David Wallace, University of Pennsylvania


  9:00   Opening remarks

  9:30   Joseph Farrell, University of Pennsylvania

On the Good King according to Homer”                    

10:15   Marilynn Desmond, Binghamton University

            “Robert of Anjou, Princeps excellens, rex invictissime”         

11:00   Mario Ascheri, Università di Roma 3

“The Princeps in Late Medieval Legal Texts”


11:45   Lunch break  


  Presider: Emma Dillon, University of Pennsylvania


  2:00   Fabio Finotti, University of Pennsylvania

            “Inventing the Humanistic Prince”

  2:45   Stephen Milner, University of Manchester

“Addressing princes: the rhetoric of Machiavelli’s dedication”

  3:30   Massimo Lucarelli, Université de Savoie

“Il principe tirannico del Trattato sul governo di Firenze di Savonarola”


  4:15   Tea


  4:30   Alessandra Villa, Université de Savoie

“Ariosto’s Princes in the Orlando Furioso

  5:15   Ann Moyer, University of Pennsylvania

“Before the Prince of Machiavellism: Machiavellian themes in Sixteenth-century Florentine thought”

  6:00   Closing remarks


Organizing Committee

Fabio Finotti, Marina Della Putta Johnston.



   Italian Consulate Philadelphia
Consolato Generale d’Italia a Filadelfia






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