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The list is meant to be indicative, not complete. Courses will vary from year to year. Click on the dicipline name for access to current course information


Every other year
ARTH 301 The Augustan Revolution

ARTH 221 Roman Art and Architecture
ARTH 252 Art in the Time of Michelangelo
ARTH 255 Italian Renaissance Art
ARTH 256 Italian Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
ARTH 271 European Baroque Art
ARTH 275 Roman Baroque Art and Architecture
ARTH 427 Roman Sculpture
ARTH 428 Late Antique Roman Art: Survival and Mutation, AD 200-700
ARTH 521 Proseminar in Classical Art
ARTH 528 Proseminar in Roman Architecture
ARTH 529 Vitruvian Studies
ARTH 552 Proseminar in Renaissance/Baroque Art


Every year
CINE 240 Italian Cinema (ITAL 204, ITAL 222)

CINE 205 Visions of Rome in Italian and American Cinema (CLST 206)
CINE 340 Topics in Italian Cinema and Culture (ITAL 300, ITAL 322, ITAL 380)
CINE 345 Topics in French Cinema and Culture (FREN 380, 382)
CINE 548 Topics in Italian Cinema (ITAL 588)


Every spring
CLST /ANCH /HIST 027 Ancient Rome
CLST 206 Visions of Rome in Italian and American Cinema

Every other year
CLST 301 The Augustan Revolution

CLST 145 The Roman Empire
CLST 314 Roman Law and society
CLST 328 /ARTH 328 Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome
CLST 376 Slavery and Society in Ancient Rome
CLST 427 Roman Sculpture


COML See listings by department or program.


Regularly (usually every year)
ENGL 223 Dante's Divine Comedy (ITAL 233)

Every other year
ENGL 021 Medieval Epic and its Classical Legacy
ENGL 025 The Age of Chaucer

ENGL 225 Chaucer: Poetry, Performance, and Interpretation
ENGL 226 Topics in Drama to 1600


Every two or three years
FREN 380 Crime Cinema (France and Italy)
FREN 383 Horror Cinema (France and Italy)


Every year
HIST 027 History of Ancient Rome

Regularly (usually every year)
HIST 181 History of Florence. Taught on Penn-in-Florence summer program
HIST 317 Italy: Medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern. Starting 2009
HIST 308 Renaissance Europe
HIST 318 Italian History from Napoleon to Berlusconi. Starting Spr., 2008
HIST 339 Making Money before Columbus

HIST 101 The First Crusade. Freshman Seminar
HIST 101/201 Rome: History and Myth. Seminar for freshmen or majors
IST 202 European Immigration. Seminar for majors
HIST 342 European Intellectual History 1300-16000
HIST 408 World of Dante
HIST 410 Popes, Rome, World to 1600


Every semester
ITAL 201 Advanced Italian 1
ITAL 202 Advanced Italian 2
ITAL 203 Intro. to Italian Literature and Culture

Every year
ITAL 204 Italian Civilization Through Film
ITAL 380 Italian Literature of the 20th Century

At least every other year
ITAL 208 Business Italian. Spring Term
ITAL 233 Dante (ENGL 223)

ITAL 211 The Medieval Reader (Freshman Seminar/BFS Program).
ITAL 212 World of Dante (Freshman Seminar).
ITAL 213 Worldviews in Collision (Freshman Seminar).
ITAL 214 Modern Italian Culture (Freshman Seminar).
ITAL 218 Topics in Italian Poetry.
ITAL 219 Topics in Italian Fiction/Drama
ITAL 222 Introduction to Italian Cinema
ITAL 298 Study Abroad Miscellaneous
ITAL 300 Topics in Italian Culture
ITAL 322 Italian Cinema and Literature
ITAL 333 Dante's Divine Comedy (class conducted in Italian)
ITAL 334 Dante and Petrarch in the 20th Century
ITAL 335 Aspects of Medieval Italian Literature
ITAL 337 Boccaccio and the Novella Tradition
ITAL 338 Petrarch and the Lyric Tradition
ITAL 340 Renaissance
ITAL 360 Semiotics and Rhetoric
ITAL 370 Lingua della Televisione
ITAL 376 19th- and 20th-Century Literature
ITAL 383 20th-Century Italian Novel

At least every three years
ITAL 501 Italian Literary Theory
ITAL 530 Medieval Italian Literature
ITAL 531-532 Dante's Commedia
ITAL 534 Women in Poetry: From the Trobairitz to the Petrarchans
ITAL 535 Petrarca
ITAL 537 Boccaccio
ITAL 540 Studies in the Italian Renaissance

ITAL 180 Italian Play Production (Harrison House - Fall 2013)
ITAL 210 Advanced placement credit
ITAL 398 Honors Thesis
ITAL 399 Independent Study
ITAL 499 Independent Study


Every year
LARP 535 Case Studies in Landscape Architecture


MUSC 030 History of Opera


Regularly (usually every year)
PSCI 218 Domestic politics of Postwar Western Europe
PSCI 254 Politics of the European Union
PSCI 414 Comparative Politics of the Welfare State

PSCI 009 Politics and Society in Italy. Freshman seminar


Every year
RELS 002 Religions of the West

RELS 003 Religion and Literature
RELS 133 Introduction to Christianity
RELS 434 Christian Thought from 1000 to 1800



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