Details About Swarthmore


I am delighted to be able to hold this particular seminar at Swarthmore College, in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, a beautiful suburb of the city of Philadelphia, and, of course, one of the nation’s most renowned liberal arts colleges.


in the Seminar will be considered "Guests" of the College, a status that, for a small fee permits use of the library, fitness center, swimming pool and other recreational facilities.  All participants will have easy access to word-processing and other computing facilities in the Library. The dorm spaces – and most other spaces on campus – have wireless internet access.


The seminar will be limited to fifteen participants, each of whom will receive a stipend of $3,000 in two installments: the first upon arrival, the second two weeks later. Swarthmore College will require payment for facility use and housing on arrival.

Participants will be housed in a new, air conditioned dorm on campus. All participants (male and female) will be housed on the same floor of the dorm. The dorm maybe shared by participants of other programs on campus, but a floor of the dorm will be exclusively for the participants of this program. If this presents a problem for any participant, please contact the program administrator for assistance. There is a full kitchen in the dorm. The hall bathrooms are individual to men and women.

  • The cost for housing in the dorm for 4 weeks is $760 per bed.
  • The cost for the facilities use is $100 per participant.
  • An internet account is $20 per person
  • Use of the recreational facilities is $25 per person.
  • A Swarthmore ID card will cost $10 per person.

The total cost for use of all services listed above is $915 for the four week session. If you are not staying on campus, you will be responsible for the facility, internet, and ID card charges. Recreational facility access is granted only to participants living on campus.

Food costs are additional and will be determined on an individual basis with the program administrator. The College dining hall can provide 3 meals for approximately $25 per day. Please note – the dining hall is closed on holidays and some weekends during the summer and the fare is somewhat limited in the summer.

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