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Verbs with weak present and future but past with doubled retroflex consonant

This class is intermediate between the weak and strong verbs; in Graul's classification it is class VI. Stems usually have d as last consonant, but not all verbs with belong to this class, e.g., paadu `sing' belongs to class III.

In some dialects, the infinitive of ؽԥش poottukko put on, wear' is a back formation from the past: ؽԥࡴչ poottukkida.The LT verb ״Ԫ kol is involved in the formation of this compound, but has lost its morphophonemic value. LT verb ״Ԫ is not normally used in ST, except with the meaning `contain', i.e. ͬ ״Ԫ inda jaadi evvalavu kollum `How much will this jar contain?' ״Ԫ is also used in the compounds ״ؽ kondupoo `take (something) and ܴեؽ kuuttikittupoo `take (someone)' and ״ konduvaa `bring s.t.' and ܴե kuuttikittuvaa `bring a person'; and ״Ԫ is also an aspect marker (cf. § xxx).

Vasu Renganathan
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