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Neuter Past.

Some verbs also have an irregular neuter past, i.e., PNG marker or verb stem different from that of other verbs is used for the neuter past of these verbs.

The verbs ؽ poo `go' and aahu `become' have the past neuter forms ؽԫ and ȫ, respectively. The expected forms ؽ poonadu and * aanadu do not occur.

In some dialects, the neuter past marker ccu or is beginning to be used with verbs other than ؽ poo and aahu, i.e., one also encounters forms like Ȳ૶ aayducci or Ȳ競 aayrucci, ؽԲ pooyducci or ؽԲ競 pooyrucci, etc. For some speakers, the form is used only with the verbs ؽ poo and aahu, either plain or when aspectually marked, i.e., as in these examples where the completive aspect marker () vidu is present.

Vasu Renganathan
Sat Nov 2 21:16:08 EST 1996