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Use of cci with Class III verbs.

For still other speakers, however, the / past neuter is used with many other verbs as well, so that one encounters forms like ׶ԧի sollicci `it said' instead of the expected ׶Ԩ sonnadu, ի vanducci instead of vandadu `it came', etc. We will consider the use of / to be `standard' only with ؽ poo and aaku, although its use with other verbs is not wrong. It is helpful, however, to remember that in Literary Tamil, the literary equivalent of occurs usually only with ؽ poo and aahu, and all other verbs have the `regular' neuter past. A minor exception to this statement is that the use of as a neuter past is optional with the so-called Class III verbs (those in § 3.326) in LT, but not required. Thus, LT Class III verbs like vaangu may have neuter past ձ. Thus, the spoken equivalent ի vaangicci is not as unusual as is the occurrence of cci with, e.g., iru `be' as in ի irunducci (LT ). The use of this latter is strongly identified with the dialects of the Kaveri delta area (Trichy and Tanjore areas), and is also a marker of Malaysian and Singaporean Tamil, who emigrated in large numbers from those parts of Tamilnad u.

Vasu Renganathan
Sat Nov 2 21:16:08 EST 1996