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vaa `iterative; connected continuity'.

The aspectual verb vaa has a lexical analog vaa which of course means `come'. The notion conveyed by aspectual vaa is that an occurrence is or was of long-standing duration, but more as a series of connected events (or waves of occurrences) rather than as uninterrupted continuity. (The latter is expressed by ե kittiru.) vaa may often express a kind of `narrative' or `historical' (or perhaps even `mythological') past, describing an action that was common practice in a past time. Since it is only used in LT, the example(s) below are in LT rather than ST.This aspectual verb is often erroneously translated as English `used to', e.g. `Many kings used to rule at that time,' whereas `used to' probably ought to be reserved for translating habitual actions, which vaa does not express.

Vasu Renganathan
Sat Nov 2 21:16:08 EST 1996