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ؽ poo `change of state'.

The aspectual verb ؽ poo resembles the lexical verb ؽ poo `go' in its morphology. It is used to express the notion that a change of state has definitely taken place (or will definitely occur). As such it is aspectually completive but the main verbs to which it is attached always themselves have some semantic notion of change; the addition of ؽ poo shows that the change is complete. Usually the net result is also judged to be unfortunate or undesirable.

ؽ poo as an aspect marker `change of state' is often used with verbs that themselves indicate a `change of state', such as ״ kedu `spoil' and aaru `cool', the verb ؽ poo `go' as a completive aspect marker instead of, e.g. vi8u (§ 3.611).

The use of ؽ poo for change of state usually implies that the change of state in question was undesireable, or unwanted.

Vasu Renganathan
Sat Nov 2 21:16:08 EST 1996