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Future Negative.

Unlike most other negative forms, the future negative is marked for person, number and gender (PNG). Being a negative, the formation involves the use of the infinitive of the verb, plus the future negative morpheme ԥ maatt to which are attached regularPNG markers which agree with the subject. When the subject is neuter, aadu is used instead of ԥ maatt.

The morpheme -aatu is a `portmanteau morph' that functions both as a neuter and the future negative and, like maatt-, is attached to the infinitive.

adu varaadu `it won't come'

The -a of the infinitive is deleted before -aadu. Note that this negative is not a HABITUAL negative; since the future positive form is identical with the habitual form (e.g., ؽ ava poovaa means both `she will go' or `she would habitually go', `she used to go'), it is important to note that the negative of the habitual is formed by a different process. (Cf. § 6.12 for the form used to express habitual negative action.)