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WH-interrogatives plus dubitative oo

WH-interrogatives plus a verb plus dubitative oo gives a structure which means `it doesn't matter wh-' or `no matter wh-' or `wh-ever (verb).'

ֹ ͬ ԥػ Ǭ ؽ meetar evvalavu kaattradoo avvalavu kuduppeen `I will pay whatever amount the meter shows.' [`No matter what amount the meter shows, I will pay that amount']

This differs in meaning from wh-words plus concessive, e.g. ֥ ͬ ԥ Ǭ ؽ meetar evvalavu kaattnaalum avvalavu kuduppeen would mean `I will pay whatever the meter indicates, no matter how high it goes' whereas with oo it means `whatever it is, but not something else.' This might be in the context of a taxi driver demanding supplements and extras in excess of meter charges.