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Negative Concessives.

The negative concessive forms are formed by the addition of the negative (conditional) morpheme ȥ -aatt- to the INFINITIVE followed by the conditional morpheme () -aa(l) and the concessive ˣ -um or kuuda.
ؽԴԥ pooha-aatt-aalum `Even-if (one) doesn't go...'

A morphophonemic rule reduces vowel sequence -aaa to aa, i.e., varaaattaa becomes varaattaa.The LT form of ȥ -aattaa is formed by suffixing an archaic negative aa to the infinitive, followed by the conditional of the verb vidu: ؽԴեԧ poohavi88aattaal, followed by ˣ um for concessive, etc. The intervocalic v is deleted by a process that is complicated but regular in ST. Cf. § l.x, Phonology.

A negative syntactic concessive can be formed by embedding a negative sentence before the ordinary -nnaalum of the syntactic concessive.

տ puriyalle-nnaalum, sari `Even if (you) don't understand, it's okay.'